Davenport House

Davenport House, built in 1820, was the home of master builder Isiah Davenport. He and his wife ran his business from their home. They had 10 children of which 6 lived to adulthood. Mr. Davenport was an architect, alderman, and fire master in the community. Sadly, there are no pictures of the man who contributed so much.

Home furnishings are indicative of the era, and as a master builder this “model home” has many additional charms. Let’s take a peek:

Home Upgrades: Spiral Staircase and Rounded Arch
Dining Room – the knowledgeable docent told us that children did not eat with the family. With 10 children one wonders where they ate?? Forgot to ask that question…
As fire master these items were visible and close to the front of the home. In this home they were stored at the bottom of the stairs.

The home is lovely and was an enjoyable tour. Davenport House has many weddings on its property and in touring its grounds one can tell why. It is a perfect setting.

The walled garden

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