Tulsa Massacre: 100 Year Anniversary

This blog is about what I think..

100 years ago on May 31st, over 300 black Americans were slaughtered by white supremacists in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The incident occurred in the Greenwood district of Tulsa. Here black Americans had a vibrant community in a 35 block segregated area. It was nicknamed “Black Wall Street,” as prosperity reigned for black Americans in Greenwood. There were approximately 200 black businesses in this area.

It is believed that the massacre began when a young black man tripped as he walked into an elevator operated by a white female. She screamed and accusations began against the man. The fearful young man ran for protection in Greenwood. Black men returned in their military garb to protect the young man and whites retaliated. Jealous white men of what blacks had accomplished spilled over into the street with blacks gunned down, homes burnt to the ground, and goods stolen from black Americans homes.

The confrontation lasted 16 hours and after that Greenwood was leveled.

The incident was buried and never discussed, acknowledged, or recognized in Tulsa or nationwide. A 20 million dollar museum is being planned to depict the massacre and other situations such as this. Voices are being raised to change this disbursement for reparations rather than a museum.

State legislation in 2019 made the massacre be mandatory teaching in Oklahoma schools and plans are in process for proper burial of those massacred as they were buried in mass graves.

On the 100th anniversary of the massacre President Biden spoke as the 3 remaining survivors listened.

Let us learn from the tragic mistakes of the past.

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