Cramerton, North Carolina

Followed the signs finding Cramerton, North Carolina.

This community is undergoing a massive home construction phase under the expertise and guidance of this company.

Their offices are located in a restored home and behind the home are community gardens..

Some of the homes..

Under construction..

Completed, and aren’t they gorgeous??? Plus these homes are near the lake which was seen in the former blog…

The Town of Cramerton is networked into the Carolina Trail System. Here are some views of the Cramerton portion of the Carolina Thread Trail.

There is a walkway over the water to an island which has a playground for children, and trails.

The town also has events for their residents. According to placards a July 4th event at the gazebo and yoga classes on the island are planned. What fun and great way to meet neighbors.

Think Cramerton has much going for it.

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