Visiting gardens always give ideas. Here are some….

A basket of one flower color.
A basket of contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes.
An open wire basket with burlap bottom. Great for the environment and flowers.

The Garden’s fountains, each with it’s own personality.


Fun. What a great place to run through on this 88 degree day..

The Children’s Garden

Had another fountain..

Garden Picnic Area

What a pleasant spot.

The Formal White Garden – this was discreetly placed so don’t miss it..

Some Sculptures

Below is an interesting sculpture made of saplings by a former hospital administrator who later studied art history and sculpture at the University of North Carolina. His works appear worldwide. One never knows where life will bring you.

A work by Patrick Dougherty

A Place to Sit a Spell…

Once rested visit The Prairie Garden,

In closing more gardens and flowers.. Enjoy!

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