Main Street Valdese

This small town has an interesting collection of shops.

For anyone interested in Thrift Shops, there were three..

Next, 100 Main for dining pleasure…

And you’ll never forget Myra’s. Even Marilyn Monroe stopped by..

Haven’t seen one of these in an age.

And for those into Italian, right behind Myra’s..

Old World Baking Company — Stop by for a cup of joe, a croissant.. This shop is coming back post-Pandemic. The friendly owner was washing down the sidewalk as I passed. He’s getting ready for you…

Then take a book,

or play some bocce..


A little history – Bocce started in 5200 BC in Egypt and spread throughout the continents. It’s present form is an Italian game, and as Waldensian’s originated in Italy they brought this game with them. This court lies on the grounds of their church.

Time for more retail pleasure…

Next: Friday Night Events in Valdese

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