Other Boone “Stuff”

On the way to Boone there are many farm stands along the way. They have everything from fruits and vegetables, to bird houses, and Amish furniture. Even if these items don’t tickle your fancy it is a fun and interesting stop.

Here are two other places you might wish to check out, especially if you have young children or teens who hate to be seen with their parents.

Tweetsie Railroad

This amusement park is rated 5 stars on many sites. It is a family oriented theme park with a steam engine ride, carousel rides, zoo, and, live entertainment. Locals who I work with have visited with their families, and it was memorable. Check it out. http://www.tweetsie.com

Another view..

Sure looks like a fun place!!

Mystery Hill

This venue boasts 8 attractions for the price of one ticket. It has a gravity and bubbles venue, a history museum, gem mining, and did I mention ax throwing??? Something for everyone, more pictures..

Boone certainly has some fun attractions for all ages.

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