Comma Comedy Fundraiser

The night began with the Comma and Outreach Center staff greeting the crowd.

What a stellar night for this event sitting outside on the grounds. Though I am vaccinated was grateful for this seating as North Carolina has a 50% vaccination rate.

The Outreach Center staffer has a side gig as a singer and song writer. He sang for the group a song which is currently being broadcast nationally. Remember his name, Todd Greene, as am sure we’ll hear more from him.

Then the fun began with comedians from Charlotte, North Carolina. Starting with Tara Brown, whose jokes centered on life after 50. What a hoot…

Jason Allen King was the second comedian who focused on short man jokes. He was equally funny, however, somehow I forgot to take his picture. Guess it was the Hillary Clinton joke. Leave her alone….

What a lovely evening. Think they’ll be more blogs from Comma till my North Carolina departure.

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