Hickory Furniture Mart

Open Monday-Saturday 9 to 6

Busy Hickory Day, and we aren’t done! Since Hickory was once, or possibly still is, the Furniture Capitol of the World sought out this spot to see the latest furniture designs. This Mart attracts folks from all over the world and I can understand why. The variety and selections are extensive in this 4 level building of the best names in furniture.

And, if you don’t have the time or desire there are the Designing Women.

Let’s take a look around, starting with the living room. Chatted with one salesgal and she said beige was this year’s color. Like the color accents, don’t you??


My favorite, the chaise, it’s on my bucket list in a floral print. I’m sure the perfect print is in this wall of fabrics below.

Interesting to see the construction of the chairs..

Next on to Amish furniture – great display of baby and young children furniture

Dining Rooms

Could just see this in a NYC high rise. Lovely..

Liked this table and it’s wood was something I’d never seen.

Furniture for enclosed patios

Business Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Looks like a bedroom for Madonna with its fur covers and glossy pillows..
What a lucky little girl to have this bedroom furniture.

And let’s close with some levity.

If only I had a house or office to decorate.

What a fascinating place!

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