Unto the Hills

Since 1950, the Cherokee have done this outdoor play describing their life from the 1780’s when Europeans arrived till present day. It is conducted in a 2100 seat open air theater. This year’s season lasts from May 29th through August 14, 2021, with doors opening at 7 pm for the 8 pm performance. Free parking is available and tickets range from $20 to $30. Bring a jacket as it can get cool at night. The performance lasts till 10 pm. It is held on Cherokee grounds, google Cherokee Mountainside Theater for directions.

The play is mesmerizing, and well acted by local Cherokee members. It was an amazing production, however, quite frankly, I left extremely upset learning how mistreated these indigenous people were.

It is a must see.

The performance began with country songs.

The Play

The European Arrival
The Eagle Dance
Lighting of the Eternal Flame – the Cherokee believe if this light goes out this is the end of the tribe.

A must see.

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