July 4 Weekend: Meet Your Jetpack OR Verizon Blues

This is not a travel blog.

Had several names for this blog, some profane, others not so.

Technology does not reside in a cabin in the woods. This weekend while I should be writing of July 4th fireworks, and the like, (and I may), I am taking the self taught course:

Hot Spot 101

When data is gone from a phone, the internet, texts, and most importantly for me the navigation AP WAZE, is unavailable.  I rely on this in my many journeys, and with a Biden sticker on my car in red country where confederate flags, and trump banners still reside on I-40, I am not able to ask directions.  In many, if not most of these areas, I fear for my life when I open my mouth with a New York accent. No liberals reside here….. I digress, back to Verizon..

The Verizon prepaid plan I use covers 15 gigs of data a month, and since that was gone in 9 days due to watching 3 Stephen Colbert and 2 Good Fight Shows, I was sunk.  Verizon was unable to give more data extensions on this plan.  Therefore, for the remainder of the month, internet, text and most importantly WAZE was gone. 

To change to regular service and increase data needed to buy a Hot Spot, which is another telephone line.

My new best friend

The device was $200 plus tax, and it was the “cheap” one. With it came a new bill which I am told somehow will be 50% less than this copy?? Time will tell…

New Bill – how I miss Mint, Ryan Reynolds company. Last year I paid $40 a month..

After 4 hours in one Verizon store, then 3 hours in another Verizon store an hour away as the first “store” could not handle my issue, I thought all was completed. However, to bill my charge card took another 90 minutes as Verizon was changing billing procedures this weekend.

All sessions were spent with Verizon agents who were charming, however, with all the problems one questions the  service??

Once the charge card transaction was completed my hot spot was whisked into a recyclable Verizon bag, and I received 15 seconds of training being told the literature was self-explanatory. Let’s hope the U Tube videos are helpful.


After I tweet this blog will proceed to learn more of the Hot Spot and who knows maybe I will get to those fireworks?

Photo by Anna-Louise on Pexels.com

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