July 4th Weekend: Data Gone!

This is a non-travel blog. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

For the few followers I have, thank you.  I write the column to give me something to do, and to have someone read what I write is quite frankly, unexpected.  I have no aspirations of a “following,” but nice to know I have helped someone out in a pinch when traveling.  As a nurse we are helpers and healers.

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

A little levity, however, when these guys visit I’ve seen more healing than with antibiotics.

I do these travels on my days off from work. Since I work 3 12 hour shifts I have ample time off once I recover from night shift to travel.  I scour the internet, newspapers, and brochure racks to locate things to visit and do.  Often, natives offer suggestions which have made great journeys.

United States Map Glossy Poster Picture Photo America Usa image 0

The areas I work in can be depressed, and have limited short-term living situations so unique living situations abound.  The living situations are more challenging than the work, and enough said on that.  That could be a blog all to itself.  HA! HA!, as my daughter would say.

Where I currently reside – best place yet.

Internet access is another conundrum and having run out of “data,” puts one in a pickle.  Relying on the WAZE AP for my travels requires data, and since I am technology dork will see what the following days bring.

Next blog:  Verizon Store Visit, hopefully travel blogging return soon.

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