Doris Duke Mansion

Was told of the nearby Doris Duke Mansion, and gardens by friendly medical personnel during my appointment. Intrigued, as I was aware of Ms. Duke’s horticulture expertise, I followed this tip to discover another delightful North Carolina site.

While the house is open for lodging, tours are not available, however, the gardens were free to explore and this was a true delight..

For those not familiar with Doris Duke, (1912-1993), she was the heiress to the American Tobacco Company, the only daughter of James Duke, her tobacco baron father. She lived a colorful life, and her philanthrophic donations were vast. She was an avid horticulturist, and art lover growing up in Hillsborough, New Jersey, where she has another amazing home with vast gardens which is available for tour, and a must see.

At the time of her death Doris had quadrupled her father’s wealth, and as she was without heirs her vast fortune was left to charities, medical research, education of the disadvantaged, the performing arts, wildlife, and ecology, to name a few recipients.

Another view of the home

Let’s take a garden tour…

Walkway into the Garden

Butterfly Garden with birdhouse

Adirondack Garden

Nice touch – children’s Adirondack chairs.

Herb Garden

Prayer Garden- never saw this before and what a wonderful idea

Children’s Garden

Porch View

What a wonderful visit.

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