Thompson Park

Had an appointment at the Charlotte Skin & Laser with the amazing Elizabeth Rostan, M.D. If you need a bit of a fill or fix up she is the dermatologist to see. Arriving in the area a half hour prior to appointment made a turn and ended up at Thompson Park. Decided to stay and see what the Park had to offer and was glad I did. First seen was St. Mary’s Chapel. What a lovely place for a small wedding.

Next was the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

This Memorial was particularly moving. It described the War from 1959 with Eisenhower’s involvement till the conclusion of the War in 1975.

Etched in the granite was a poem from a local Viet Nam veteran, Lochlin Walker. Following is several lines from his poem..

Viet Nam

So many years have passed

But still I remember

That distant place, hot sunwashed …

Past the Memorial the Greenway begins, where many were biking and walking enjoying(?) the 90 plus degree heat.

Another surprise..

You never know when you make a turn what you will find..

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