Waynesville -The Museum

What a unique and quaint town Waynesville, North Carolina is. Here for ‘S Wonderful, The Music and Life of George Gershwin, at the Hart Theatre, Western North Carolina’s Award Winning Theatre.

Next door to the Theatre is The Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts. Since I arrived early had some time to explore.

As a lover of historic homes was saddened that I had missed the Sunday tour times of 12-2, however, decided to explore on my own through Museum windows.

Besides the home, there are other Museums on the property.

There is a Medical Exhibit,

and a farm exhibit.

Caught these pictures through museum windows. The orange metal contraption held the head of the cow when milked.

And a gift shop of handicrafts…

Some of the items for sale, again captured through the window. Wonder someone didn’t call the police on me..

Then I came across this sign for their annual event,

Since I am moving on won’t be in the area for this event. However, sounds like a fun day if you are.

Check it out and let me know.

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