Statesville, North Carolina

Really enjoyed my visit to this City. They have done a bang up job to renovate their downtown area. It is a mecca of restaurants, bars, a comedy club, doctor’s offices, music studios, hair salons, jewelry stores, museums, radio stations, lawyer’s offices all surrounded by beautiful flowers, seating.. A picture is worth a thousand words, check it out…

Wine Store line up of live music dates

Best of Statesville

Did some retail and caloric damage here, great Columbian food and pastries. Yummy………

Never saw a storefront music lesson store – what a unique idea.
Don’t you love the logo, what a hoot..

A little art along the street

The City also has an art museum, however, sadly on the day of my visit it was closed. It is known as the Iredell Museum,, or call 704-873-7347, for further information.

There are also other events taking place over the summer. Make sure to get that vaccine so you can partake.

What a blast from the past, everything you’ve always been looking for at bargain basement prices. What a fun shop!

So, if in the area, or dang even if you aren’t, check out Statesville, North Carolina for a visit.

And I forgot the Sweet Things Bakery, best chocolate cake I ever ate~

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