From This Day Forward

This play recounts the persecution of the Waldensian people. It was written by a local Valdese history teacher, Fred Cranford, and has been presented during July and August for the last 52 seasons. The Waldensians were a religious group who were persecuted severely by the Church as they read the Bible. In early Christianity only the Pope was allowed to read the Bible.

Act I

A Waldensian is captured reading the Bible. He is later burnt at the stake for this. All this was depicted on stage.
The Waldensians discussing the possibility of moving to North Carolina for a better life.

Act 2 The North Carolina people in their church discussing how they hope the Waldensians ship sinks as they do not want immigrants in their community. Eventually, the Waldensians win over the North Carolina people and are accepted, however, not after much plight.

The play was well acted, however, be prepared for much violence, pyrogenics, and gunfire.

Following is the Old Colony Players 2021-2022 season. Further information can be obtained at:

  • Love Letters September 17-19, and 24-25 as a dinner theater performance
  • The Rocky Horror Show October 21-24, and 28-20
  • Elf December 10-12, and 16-19
  • A Valentine’s Murder February 2022
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame April 15-16, 21-23, and 28-30

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