Historic Brattonsville

What an amazing tour.

There are 80 buildings on this site reflecting the early 1800 period. The Bratton family were Scotch-Irish and Colonel Bratton was a patriot who fought in the Revolutionary War. He had a militia and fought a battle on his property. He won the battle and all the highlights of this battle are depicted in signage along the actual battle site.

Harriet Bratton was captured by the British and placed with her 7 children under house arrest in their attic during this siege. She would not divulge her husband’s location and during her arrest managed to write a letter and give it to a young slave, Watt , who left on horse back to deliver the letter. Colonel Bratton returned to the property won the battle.

The Bratton Home – currently under renovation

The McConnell House – this was reconstructed and moved to the property. The McConnell’s were farmers who grew an assortment of crops and had livestock. This is reflected in the outbuildings surrounding the home. Currently this is the only home open on the property as all others are under renovation.

The Bratton family continued to live on the family property. Their son Dr. John Simpson Bratton, senior, had 14 children and became quite wealthy. He was a cotton farmer who also ran a cotton gin. His home..

and cotton gin..

Historic Brattonsville has many events throughout the year.

  • September – The descendants of the African American slaves who lived on the plantation return to the site and interpret events. This is known as Sweat of Our Brow.
  • October – Pottery Festival
  • December – Christmas Candlelight

The site also recently purchased another Bratton home and are in the process of renovating the home for a wedding venue. Here is it, and if looking for a wedding venue it will be available soon, http://www.chmuseums.org, 803-684-2327.

Can’t you just see a band and people dancing on this lawn??

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