Terry Evanswood Magic Show

Terry Evanswood has performed his magic in Pigeon Forge for the last 25 years at the Grand Majestic Theater. This was his 8528 show. He has won a Merlin, which is the akin to the Academy Award of Magic. Half of the audience had been to his show before so he has quite a following. And while you’d think the audience would mainly be children, they were adults.

Terry at intermission having a meet and greet with the audience. No pictures or video are allowed during the show. All is copyrighted.
Terry looks magical in this shot don’t you think?

Interesting and intriguing card and coin tricks were performed during the show along with the usual assistant related situations where knives are plummeted into caskets. He also performed unexplainable illusions.

So if you are in Pigeon Forge seeking an afternoon of family fun check out the show. You will certainly be entertained.

Tickets can be obtained at the theater or through Expedia.com.

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