Brian Huffman: Tribute to Red Skelton

Haven’t laughed this much in years! Mr. Huffman is the only individual “allowed” by the Skelton Estate to present his humor. Arriving late, the usher, Mr. Huffman as well, placed me in the front row. Lesson learned – always arrive on time. Waze failed me once again..

And some other artwork

Brian started the show stating audio or video was not allowed, however, hearing aids could continue to be used. And with this joke we were off to the races with 2 hours of constant laughter.

Skelton was in over 50 movies

Huffman ended the show reviewing the life of Skelton giving an amazing tribute to him. The Estate picked the right man to continue Skelton’s humor.

Tickets can be obtained via Expedia, or at

Freddy the Freeloader

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