On My Way to Wyoming

Never traveled cross country, and it has always been on my bucket list. When the opportunity came, I grabbed it. Writing post drive am grateful that the infrastructure bill is on track. Much is being done on Route 80, but man we need more. Contact your congressman to VOTE YES on the bill.

Sunset on the way

What to bring on the drive and remember to do:

  • Water -bring cases, it’s dry out there, and HOT. Stay hydrated!
  • Watch the trucks – never saw so many, they are the Prince of the Road, and your friends.
  • Bring sunglasses – I bought 6 pair at the Dollar Tree prior to trip.
  • Time Difference – it changes, and going west gives you 2 extra hours.
  • Layer – while my feet burned driving through Kentucky, it got cool in Wyoming.
  • Get gas when you see it. I had a close call driving on fumes till finding a station. Prayed my way to a gas station. Thanks, God..
  • Food – brought apples, nuts, and non-sugar items. Before leaving for the long trek bought several grocery store packaged salads to put in the cooler. Need energy foods.
  • There are many parking areas along these roads. Take advantage.
  • Book motels early. Couldn’t find a motel one night so took a 3 hour nap nestled among a hundred or so cars and trucks in a parking area. Lock your doors, and if someone knocks on your window, BLOW THE HORN, remember you are surrounded by others.
  • The shoulders on the side of the road is limited. I took several pictures from the shoulder, however, missed many great shots as it’s a dangerous practice. You can drive into the grass but take the chance of what may be in the grass, and what it may do to tires. Also, legally, the shoulder is only designated for emergency stops.
  • There is much construction on these roads, especially in summer. BE ALERT. DRIVE THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT. And of course,


Parking Area – well lit

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