The Hermitage

Stopped at the Andrew Jackson home in Nashville, Tennessee in the trek West. What an amazing Mansion and home. Learned much of the man during the movie, museum, and Mansion tour. Hermitage also has wine tasting. Was told the wine is quite good, however, did not partake as a long drive beckoned.

Andrew Jackson was..

The Hermitage is a fascinating tour where you will learn much of this complicated man. Essentially self-made he held many hats in his lifetime. Dying at 78, he was the 6th most wealthy president, well read, and with a strong business acumen. He operated a 1000 acre cotton plantation post presidency. He owned slaves and was pro-slavery.

On his sentimental side he was married to Rachel Donelson, they had no children, however adopted a nephew. This “marriage” was a great scandal as when they married Ms. Donelson was not officially divorced. Jackson always felt her untimely death was from the stress others placed on her from this scandal. He never re-married and spent his Hermitage afternoons post presidency talking with her at her grave site.

The Mansion is in the Greek Revival style with 90% of the original artifacts. Flooring and wallpaper are over 185 years old. The home began as a log home developing into a 6000 square feet red brick mansion completed in 1821. In 1834, a fire occurred, and the Mansion rebuilt for the President’s 1837 post presidential return.

Kitchen and Slave Buildings

Kitchen outside the Mansion – pictures of the Mansion interior are not allowed

The Gardens are lush, warm, and well manicured. Stroll, and take in the beauty and fragrance.

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