Welcome to Wyoming

I always stop at the first rest area of every state I visit. Usually, they have staff to assist at these places, or some literature, however, Wyoming handles this differently. Here’s what I found.

Flag half mast for long time Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming who had past several days before. Learned much of Senator Enzi as I listened to NPR stations on the trek West. They are on FM between 88-91 settings. Donations well given and spent.


Found the rest area clean with some information posted on a bulletin board of things to see/do in Wyoming. Took pictures for further exploration, but wish they had a few brochures available. Have to write their Governor.

Liked the posting about the history of the Eisenhower Highway System. Read on.

Further liked, the fact that the building was eco-friendly, much like the Biden rest areas in Delaware.

And outside found the picnic table area protected. Am told by my daughter Wyoming has stong winds, probably protection from them. Noted on route 80 signage and gates to close the route during inclement weather.

Closing with a Wyoming sunrise

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