Rock Springs, Wyoming

Drove through Rock Springs as it was one of the towns listed on the rest area bulletin board. The rock formations were magnificent, however, the history of the town is sad. Read on.

Railroads pass through Rock Springs
More Railroads

History – Rock Spring was named for the spring which ran through this area. It was found by a lost Pony Express rider. Sadly, the Spring disappeared when a coal mine interrupted its flow.

Rock Springs has been known to be a town of many ethnicities due to the influx of those from different lands brought by the railroads. However, when the Chinese came to the area they were met with hatred. China town was burnt to the ground by locals claiming 28 lives. Later the United States government paid China $149,000 for this occurrence. The money was used for scholarships for Chinese students studying in the United States.

How Majestic..

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