Brown Bag Lunch: Snow Chi Minh Trail

John Richard Waggener, a 5th generation Wyoming man, recently wrote this book on the building of 1-80 and the history of this 77 mile stretch.

During this hour long talk Mr. Waggener enlighted a group of 40 seniors on the I-80 road development and perils. The idea for the road began in 1956, however, locals fought back fearing loss of their businesses as the road was constructed away from small towns. After much battle the federal government prevailed, and construction of the road began in 1966 with a 1970 opening. Opened October 3, 1970, and closed October 7, 1970, due to snow.

Good came from a bad situation with several innovations born from these challenges. The Wyoming Fence which held back the snow is known and used worldwide.

And for when the road is impassable, a gate closure.

What an upgrade from when some poor soul stood in the road with a sign to warn others to go no further.

Having driven this route found this talk fascinating. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Uinta Historical Society. Great Christmas gift for locals and engineers.

Snow Chi Minh Trail: The History of Interstate 80

by John Richard Waggener

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