Fort Bridger Historic Site

This Fort was developed by President James Buchanan in 1858 after rumors that Mormons were planning to develop their own country in this region. With the development of the Fort the Mormons retreated, and a handshake agreement was established between the two groups. That said, let’s take a look at the Fort.

The Fort was one of the main hubs of westward expansion. Here several hundred soldiers were housed. When the Fort was established William and Mary Carter traveled with the soldiers to develop a trading post on the property.

Their store was a stop on the Pony Express

Fort Bridger

While barracks no longer exist on the property signage designates where the soldiers resided. The Brig survived.

The commissary and storage buildings also remain. The Fort museum is in the commissary building.

Homes were developed for officers of the Fort. They remain standing, however, at one point they were dismantled, and sold, but later reassembled and used as hotels.

One of the buildings on the property was allocated for single officers.

Due to the influx of tourism on the Lincoln Highway motels were built. One remains on the property for visit.

While these motels are now defunct and replaced by travel trailers the remnants of this era endure.

Found this Lincoln motel in Evanston.

This one has a Spanish motif.

The Lincoln Highway.

The tour is a fun visit for all ages. Tours are given by park staff at 10 and 2.

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