Uinta County Museum

What a treasure trove was found on this tour. Let’s start with local history.

The Blyth & Fargo Store was established in 1872 lasted over 100 years. This general store was akin to Walmart’s selling everything for shoppers needs. The store display depicted below shows Jimmy “Scotty” Anderson at work. He was with the store over 49 years retiring at 65, and living to 98.

Display of women’s attire of the era.

World War I and II Exhibit


A note of interest… camouflage began in World War I when the French began a unit of camofleurs. Vehicles and weapons were painted and masked with leaves and netting to disguise these items.

Soldiers back pack and other items

Those interested in the World Wars would find many items to intrigue and learn from. While aware of the women’s efforts on the home front never thought of their actions beyond rolling bandages, and making military artillery. Wasn’t that enough! However, these ladies also made slippers and scarves for those serving. Note the Red Cross directions.

The animals who served was a compelling exhibit. In World War I approximately 1000 horses were transported across the Atlantic to serve with many raised in Wyoming. Over half a million horses were involved in this War. It was the last time in history horses were used.

World War II was the first time dogs served.

More than 50,000 dogs served in World War II. They worked well in chaotic circumstances, delivered messages, and carried gear saving thousands of human lives.

The British implemented explosive rats. Devices with detonators were attached to these animals to carry out sabotage.

A Remarkable Woman- Tribute to Marjorie Stewart Joyner Exhibit

This African American woman created the first hair straightener/curling iron machine. She received a patent in 1928 for her device and was the first African American woman to receive such.

While she never received monetary compensation from her invention, (her employer received the monies), she later went on to develop other products in the hair and cosmetic industry. She was a strong fund raiser and donator for African American scholarships.

Children’s Museum

Kids will love this spot. Could just see them running through the area trying all the exhibits with their parents.

This is a sampling of what is available at the museum. Come see for yourself.

Learn and Enjoy

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