Flaming Gorge

This National Recreational Area extends through Wyoming and portions of Utah. The mountainous scenery is breathtaking and its natural beauty as spellbinding as the Grand Canyon.

During this visit California wildfires were taking a toll on air quality.

As you drive along the route cows are present, be aware, proceed slowly..

Deer are also plentiful, and this family came out of nowhere.

Caught this sign, so decided to stop. Glad I did, as what a delightful visit..

Not only was this visit fascinating it answered two questions,

“Where are those cows going?”


“Are cows wild?”

The Swett family had a farm in the mountains during the early 1900’s. Here they started their lives in a crude shelter, eventually building a home, and in between raising a family of 9. When you visit purchase the fifty cent booklet describing their lives and journey.

The home is not open to the public but visitors are able to catch a glance of the home’s interior through windows.

View from the porch

There is much to see on the farm grounds. Besides farm buildings there are outbuildings such as a root cellar, the family outhouse, and spring house. What a great learning experience for children, and impressive tribute to this period of American life.

The Final Stop: Flaming Gorge Dam

The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is Wyoming’s largest. Taking 7 years for construction the Dam also serves as a power plant. There is a Visitor Center and free tours are given. Call prior to visit for tour times.

Visitor Center

The Dam

This road trip takes an entire day as there are many stops along the way where you will want to stop, hike, picnic. Much is available in this area for a relaxing vacation.

And as always, enjoy!

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