NPR – University of Wyoming Students Endorse Mandatory Vaccination

This is an opinion blog, but please read on.. it will only take a moment, and as a nurse this issue is very personal to me.

During the 2 1/2 hour drive to Lava Springs heard much NPR. In case you are unaware it is National Public Radio, and a vital resource in these appalling times of hate and misinformation. Driving in these areas little is available on the radio except Bible preachers giving their own slant on God’s words to promote their views, therefore, NPR is my go-to.

28% of the Wyoming county where I reside are vaccinated. 10 days ago the local Walmart was closed for 24 hours for cleaning as 48 workers tested positive. Here people laugh or boo when you say you are vaccinated. As a former New Yorker who knew of coffins in the streets awaiting pick up, I know what is to come.

The University of Wyoming students interviewed by the local NPR station are requesting mandatory vaccination for their University and beyond. Their arguments were calm, slowly spoken, and from the heart stating how the German Measles, Smallpox, and Polio Vaccines protected them. They are concerned that when they attend classes they are unaware who are vaccinated and feel unsafe.

Please get vaccinated for your neighbors, health care workers, and yourself.

Do not play into the misinformation.

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