Bear World

The entrance where fees are paid and instructions given.

Decided to begin at the Visitor Center…

Interesting Gift Shop

Then on to the Petting Zoo

Here you can feed goats and Canadian Geese

For the price of the visit there is also a small selection of rides for little ones.

And for an additional fee you can feed the baby bears.

Next.. to the Park where the drive is done through the animal habitat. Visits through the Park are unlimited. The first part of the drive were elk, goats, and bison.

Now, drum roll…on to the main event.. The Bears of which there are over 40.

Bear Family
Bear Chillin’
Bear bathing
Bear walking back from his bath..
Bear sleeping – they gravitate to these coverings.
Bear nuzzling the grill of the car. Bear walked up to the front of the car and spent 30 seconds inspecting the grill. Believe it might be as there were bees in the grill earlier in the day. Instruction sheets are given at the beginning of the journey – read and adhere.
Final Shot – for a laugh what do you think he’s doing?

And the gates close, tour completed…

What a fun visit.

Note: I receive no monetary compensation for this blog. Only do it for fun.


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