Jackson Hole to Grand Tetons

Somehow in the journey returned through Utah, then on to more mountains.

During a flat stretch of road two hours away from destination located a former haunt my daughter and I visited. Here we rented a cabin and watched movies on the drive in screen from our cabin porch. Unsure if things have changed but if you want a unique adventure check out the Spuds Drive-In. Believe they have started doing music festivals.

Then on to another mountain pass. What views and hair pin turns..

And one last picture as this is where I stopped to pick up a few rocks for my garden. Always the avid gardener..

After this portion of the journey found myself in Jackson Hole. What a beautiful spot with many bike trails, shops, restaurants, music venues, and homes starting at 2.5 million according to the local newspaper. It is the haunt of many Hollywood types and for us normal folk it is a pleasant pass through on the way to the National Parks.

There are several entrances to Yellowstone. Taking the southern entrance allows you to visit The Grand Teton National Park first then journey north to Yellowstone. See both. Each have separate fees, however, a combination pass can be purchased. This portion of the Park is free.

Tetons on the way to the actual park. While the smoke from the California wildfires hid the majesty of these Tetons, one can make out in the shadows their majesty.

What an amazing site, and the sites have only begun. Each time I thought I had seen the most amazing view another surpassed the former. Stay tuned.

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