Grand Teton National Park

Arrived at the entrance to the Grand Teton National Park at 3 p.m. after starting the journey at 5 a.m. Excited to have arrived decided to bypass the Park and head for Old Faithful. While another 2 1/2 hour journey beautiful weather was with me and clear air contributed to the scenery.

Stopping to stretch my legs after entering the Park came across this mobile unit warning visitors of bears. Those who hike at the Parks are told to carry bear spray. While I saw no bears during my visit there is much wildlife and they are in close proximity so do not be foolish should you visit. Visitors have been killed. Keep food secured so as not to attract these creatures and while they accept pictures from a distance do not attempt to touch as they are wild.

A path near this mobile unit was closed and security was monitoring the site to ensure no hikers took the trail.

And while on Park roads more friendly human visitors on horse back may be seen. As they have the right of way enjoy the driving break as they cross..

Tomorrow: Yellowstone Arrival – Yahooo!!!

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