Yellowstone National Park – Old Faithful

This sign was welcomed after driving through the Grand Teton Park. Here I received a map to assist with my journey to Old Faithful. Since signage is limited at the Parks, as well as lighting, (and it gets very dark here), recommend asking for two maps or bringing tape to keep the map intact as it will be folded again and again… Also, whatever paper information the ranger offers – take.

Old Faithful Area

The area around the geyser is developed with many accommodations – hotels, restaurants, and gift shops. Lodging on the Park sites begin at over $300 per night and must be booked at least a year in advance. Those seen were lovely, but reasonable lodgings are few in this area – next blog.

There is ample parking in this area and it is a short walk to Old Faithful from the parking lot. Old Faithful rises every 30 to 45 minutes. There is an AP which gives approximate times of spewing. Around Old Faithful are many benches and the area is comfortable with visitors sharing insights so it is a pleasant experience as you wait. And there she blows..

What an impressive site and she spews much taller than this last picture, however, unable to capture the height.

Around Old Faithful is a walkway where a series of small geysers are active. Park rangers walk these areas, answer questions, and give insights. Yellowstone Park is actually one large volcano and 48% of the world’s geothermic activity is concentrated here. Many steamy geothermic spots are next to the roads as you drive. Stay clear as they are HOT.

Fascinating, but, need to depart as lodgings beckoned. Some parting shots.

Forgot to mention this.. Wasn’t up for a hike but can you imagine the views?
The greenery co-exists with the heated areas, one wonders, how??

What beautiful colors and forms.

Mother Nature at her finest.

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