Buffalo Valley Ranch

You never know what Expedia has to offer so when this option appeared on their web site verses paying double for a hotel room I jumped at the chance. For $79. a night I slept in a tepee and believe the same rate would be for a family of four.

Inside Teepee
There are also covered wagon accommodations – unsure of price and area inside.

Arrived at 9:45 pm, and big mistake as it was dark, and too late to appreciate the area, which is beautiful. All pictures taken in this blog were at 6 a.m.

There are horses to ride at the ranch,

as well as waterfront areas to enjoy.

A full service restaurant is on site.

This family experience will be one you’ll talk about for years..

Buffalo Valley Ranch is a short ride from Grand Teton National Park in Moran, Wyoming. For more information check out the Expedia web site, or contact the ranch directly at 307-543-2477.

No financial remuneration is received from this blog, only want to share a fun time with others.

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