Mammoth Hot Springs

Visitor Center – many helpful National Park Service staff here

Prior to the creation of the National Park Service the Army supervised the National Parks. At the Parks inception there were many unruly and challenging mountain men who roamed the area. Mammoth Hot Springs was an Army base developed to contain these situations. There are placards throughout this area explaining this history.

Park Superintendent’s Home

While there are hotels and motels in this area as well as an array of shops and restaurants, this is what I found most interesting.

The Mail Carrier’s Home

In 1895, Alden Rosenborough began as the mail carrier for the area. His route was 100 miles long and he leased 2 cabins along the way to complete the route. This dwelling served as the mail carrier’s for over a century. His route:

Caveat: Elk walk freely throughout Mammoth Hot Springs closely monitored by National Park Service staff. What an amazing experience to walk down the street with an elk grazing next to you, but watch with only your eyes,


On to Montana…

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