Yellowstone in a Day

After Grant Village reservations were established started my trek in an effort to see Yellowstone in one day. At the West Thumb Geyser Basin intersection went northwest for more geyser viewing. Found Biscuit Basin very colorful, and less trafficked.

Then there are the shapes..

Walkways in these areas are slightly elevated above the geysers. No animals allowed. In most cases there is nothing between you and the geyser so if bringing children monitor them closely. Geysers and their steam are really hot!

On to another site, and look what was lying on the side of the road. A Kodak moment..

While this creature was resting and allowing many visitors to take snaps as close as 10 feet away, signage throughout the Park warns not to touch. “They” can charge up to 30 mph and have the ability to kill.

Roaring Mountain The signage for this area came up quickly and had to do a u-turn to visit the site. There is no speeding in the Park, and many on the roads have large RV’s so driving with their bulk in front of you is a challenge. When other cars tailgated I often pulled off and allowed them to pass. There are frequent pull off’s on the Park roads.

This living landscape emits steam and sulfur rich gases. Many microscopic organisms are hard at work wearing away the mountain.

Then not far from this area – a site of unimaginable beauty, The Golden Gate Canyon.

This was engineers biggest challenge when developing park roads.

Next: Mammoth Hot Springs

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