Yellowstone Departure

Dawn at Yellowstone

Yellowstone is an enormous Park three times the size of Rhode Island, and residing in three states: Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Left the campground at 5 a.m. to ensure timely passage to Cody, Wyoming. There was still much unseen when traveling North, then east out of the Park, which took over 2 hours.

Many were out at this early time foraging.

And some were enjoying solitude.

While the creatures were quiet, thermal activity continued very close to the road.

Yellowstone Lake behind steam resembles an ocean.

Traveling to the East Gate of Yellowstone there are many hair pin turns through Corkscrew Valley with spectacular views.

Gravel and rock falling from the sides of the wall are plentiful. Stopped and obtained a few on the road as a memory for my rock garden.

On to Cody.

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