Yellowstone Things To Consider

Following are some random thoughts I wish I knew prior to departure.

  • Clothing – layer, bring sandals, sneakers, watershoes, rain apparel, head gear (hats), sun tan lotion.
  • Food – plan ahead, there is no time to stop, so much to see. Avoid sugary foods. A bag of apples goes a long way.
  • Flashlights – big and little – pocket sized, bring several.
  • Car- check to ensure you have a spare tire and all that goes along with a tire change.
  • Do the speed limit
  • Allow others to pass if they are tailgating, many turn outs are available.
  • Watch for animals, and those on horseback, they come out of nowhere.
  • If you have another passenger appoint them as a scout to help with navigation.
  • Get a compass.
  • Learn to read a map again.
  • Make a friend with the no internet available time.
  • Watch roads carefully, the shoulder is narrow.
  • Signage is limited.
  • Get to places before dark or you’ll be sorry, I was.
  • Talk to people, they’ll give you ideas on what to do, where to go.
  • Many foreigners are here, make friends, use hand signals, smile. Don’t be an ugly American.
  • Plan your time to the sites, but build in picture taking time as there will be many things which cross your path prior to destination.
  • Sunglasses bring several pair.
  • Keep distance from the animals, and never touch.
  • If staying in a campground follow the rules. There is a reason for them.
  • Plan ahead, I didn’t but somehow it worked. Luck.
  • When you get a grumpy National Park Service employee, compliment him or her.
  • People are different here – one wonders is it because no cell phones?? Go with the flow, and if you have to use a cellphone hotel sites have access.

And more importantly… ENJOY

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