The Road to Cody Continues

Next on the route was the Shoshone National Forest. Many beautiful rock formations, and trees were seen along this route. Camping and hiking trails are available.

Stopped at a rest area along the way and made friends with this delightful little creature. She’s Iowa born and bred and her sisters are available. I have the number, but how would I travel??

A meditation stop grateful to have made it through those last crazy turns of Yellowstone.

The Firefighter’s Memorial

Buffalo Bill State Park

The Cody Dam – everything in this town is associated with Bill Cody. Take time to visit the Dam and see the movie about its construction. It is free and a fascinating visit.

Free golf cart ride to Dam

This is the world’s tallest dam and took 3 different contractors to see it’s completion.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dam1-2.jpg

There is no steel reinforcement, only concrete. 350 men worked 5 years in blizzard conditions to ensure it’s completion. It was built from 1904 to 1910 and had a $929,000. cost over run.

Quite a Plunge!

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