Buffalo Bill Museum: 5 Museums in One Part I: The Buffalo Bill Museum and Art Museum

This Museum has five Museums in one:

  • Buffalo Bill Museum
  • Art Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Gun Museum
  • Indian Museum

Let’s take a peek at all five starting with Buffalo Bill. Was unaware of Buffalo Bill Cody till visiting this town. He was a famous showman and footage of his shows run non-stop in this area of the Museum. He traveled the world doing his shows spending 5 years in Europe, and 30 years on the road. The art and pageantry was robust with his shows requiring 3 railroad cars for transport of props. Some memorabilia on display at the Museum.

His private tent used while on the road.

The Art Museum – much Western art was displayed here.

Frederick Remington was a personal friend of Cody’s and his studio is in the Museum,

along with a special picture of Cody. Had never seen a Remington painting, only his sculptures. Beautiful.

The sculpture collection was profound.

And if an art lover don’t miss the outside sculptures,

and here you will find Cody’s childhood home as well as a children’s playground. Never saw that in a museum before.

Next: The remaining 3 Museums.

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