Left Cody at 5 a.m. as knew I had much to see and little time to see it in. Drove west to Yellowstone and took a last lap through the Park. It was drizzling the entire ride and this matched my mood. During the 2 day Park visit the weather was stellar. Hunger gripped me at 8:30 a.m., and decided to visit a Park restaurant for breakfast. Came upon Sheffield’s in the Headwater’s Lodge area of the Grand Teton Park.

After cruising the menu decided to stay for breakfast as the menu offered 2 of my favorite foods in the world – salmon and sour dough bread. Prices weren’t bad and the food was delicious, My server was aloof ignoring me and focusing on a couple from D.C. and to tell the truth she was wasting her time as I gave the bigger tip.

While sitting alone another server, Chan, was busily disinfecting around me. We began a conversation telling me he was from Taiwan, an accounting major who had just graduated. He came to America to do this job before starting his career in his homeland. What a delightful young man, and since I had never been to Taiwan he spoke of his country and things to do and see there. Our 8 minute conversation was charming, and just what this solo traveler needed.

After ending our conversation I went to the gift shop adjacent to the restaurant and when I turned Chan was there. I had left my umbrella under the table and he returned it to me. I thanked him and we parted ways once again. Traveling can be so inspiring, and one can never plan for chance encounters with someone from another land.

Thanks, Chan, and make good fortune follow you in your life and career.

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