Grand Teton Visit Continues

After breakfast journeyed further into Grand Teton National Park to capture what remained on my bucket list. First stop was the Jackson Dam, an earth and concrete dam built in the early 1900’s to provide irrigation for Idaho farmlands. FDR annexed the Dam to the Grand Teton Park to protect the National Park system.

Not far from the Dam is the Chapel of the Sacred Heart. This quiet place of prayer had many tourists visiting when I stopped to pray for a friend having surgery. Was unsure if it was the rain which brought them or the Lord, however, it is a perfect place for contemplation. It is open June through September and offers mass during this season, 307-733-251 for mass times.

Stained Glass Window in the Chapel

Much further down the road is the Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration in the Menor’s Ferry Historic District.

This rustic log cabin church was built in 1925 to serve those who worked on the Grand Teton Dude Ranches. It is on the U.S. National Registry of Historic Places. Its windows capture views of the Grand Tetons and has spectacular stained glass.

The Menor Historical District is a short walk from the Chapel. Here in the late 1800’s Bill Menor ran a store and ferry.

Unsure what the Park plans are for renovation of the structure.
Store is not open but picture captured through a window.
The Ferry

According to signage around the Menor General Store, Mr. Menon had a “surly” attitude. He ran the store with his brother and was known to have said, “My partners Mean, but I’m Menor.” What a sense of humor as well.

The cabin adjacent to the General Store has particular historical significance as here talks of making the Grand Tetons a National Park began. In the early 1900’s wise locals met to discuss the future of the area, and from this the birth of the Parks occurred.

Last stop on the journey was the Mormon Row Historic District. The Mormons were some of the first peoples to come to this area and stay. Renovations to these historic structures are currently underway.

There are several other attractions in this area to visit. Some additional places to explore.

  • Cunningham Cabin Historic Site
  • Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center

Much to see in the Grand Tetons as well as Yellowstone.

This ends my visit to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Park.

What an unforgettable experience.

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