Four Days In Reno – SLC Airport via Delta

Working 4 12 hour days is a killer, but to have 4 days off in a row is a joy. Started my visit leaving Evanston, Wyoming, at 3 am for an 8:25 Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Reno. What a joy to be on a Delta flight again.

We love to fly and it shows.. It sure does..

Salt Lake City is upgrading and their progress is to be commended. While TSA does not smile, (possibly due to few staff), and wish their conveyor belts would go slower, are my only complaints. They have been voiced.

Didn’t realize they have a female mayor in Salt Lake, nice to see. They also have a female mayor in Reno, guess it’s catching on.. it’s about time.

The SLC Airport parking is efficient, and only $10. per day, economy. The lot is enormous , well lit, and friendly bus drivers pick up customers timely. Masks and social distancing is practiced. Bus drivers sanitize after terminal drop offl.

Another nice touch .. volunteer program for the Airport. Any interest??

Art was different in the Airport – some beautiful, some local, and some questionable..

Good Flight Information

The piano in the large customer lounge remains.

Time for departure.

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