Virginia City, Nevada

Visiting this 19th century Victorian boon town was like being placed in a past era. How these folks made it to Virginia City is beyond me as the trek up the mountain while perilous, was a thrilling ride. When motorcycle dare devils past at exorbitant speeds as a senior driver I took the many pull offs letting them pass and enjoyed the views.

Virginia City has much to see and do besides the shops, bars, and restaurants. First on the visit was the Silver Terrace Cemetery at the beginning of town. Began in the 1867 this cemetery has the departed from various religions and fraternal organizations. Many interesting, cemetery pieces with intact engraving exist as the departed were wealthy and able to afford marble headstones.

A few more modern stones.

Good segway.. on to St. Mary of the Mountain Catholic Church

What a beautiful church… Make a stop, say a prayer, you will be inspired. Then the whistles of the train spur you on to another great town visit..

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