Virginia City – Part II

Followed the noise of the train whistle and found myself at a railroad station.

From here bought my ticket for a half hour ride through silver and gold country.. In the 1860’s when Virginia City was ablaze with those wishing to make their fortunes in the gold rush this steam train flourished. In fact by 1859 $40 million (which equates to 8.4 billion in today’s values), of gold was discovered. The train system was built to accommodate the industry as horse drawn transit was costly and slow. The docent had much information and gave insights into a fascinating American era. Sit close in order to hear as the train is loud as are the visitors.

The area has much memorabilia for viewing. But this gal who recently returned home is perhaps the most fascinating. She’s been in over 65 motion pictures and returned for the first time since 1938. She deserves an Oscar. šŸ™‚

Here’s a list of other things to explore in Virginia City..

  • MacKay Mansion – John MacKay an Irish immigrant was the wealthiest man in town. The home also has paranormal events besides tours.
  • The Way It Was Museum
  • The 4th Ward School and Museum
  • Firehouse Museum
  • Mark Twain Museum – here the famous writer got his start in a local newspaper
  • The Chollar Mine Tour
  • The Gold City Mine Tour

And before closing some pics of Downtown.

Farewell from the Sheriff of Virginia City.

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