Animal Ark

Great ratings on this place and understand why. Animals are well cared for in appropriate habitats, employees friendly, well informed, and dedicated. Only 20 minutes outside Reno, a nice distraction from gambling.

All that said, let’s explore the place.

The Bears

This happy camper was enjoying the sun. Asked staff how they handle hibernation. In December they begin to decrease food, and by January the bears retreat to a hut next to their habitat. By that time they have increased their body fat 20%, and sleep till March. During that time they do not poo or pee. Go figure.

Gibbs is a new addition to the Park. A new habitat is being created for Gibbs as their bears can’t live together. He’s a pacer, and hopefully his new home will be ready soon.

Further down the way..

Also at the Park is a picnic area and playground for children.

Let’s check out a few more animals..

The 10x cell phone zoom really captured this guy snoozing..

Visit early as animal are more visible at that time. The Ark is open at 10 a.m. Tuesday- Sunday, closed Monday.

The Visitor Center has some interesting gifts, and while there caught this sweet creature, a marsupial, being cared for by Ark staff..
What a fun visit..

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