This Is The Place Heritage Park

After leaving Salt Lake City Airport visited This Is The Place Heritage Park, a historical representation of the Mormon journey, and life in their early Utah days. This Is The Place was the claim Joseph Smith made when he brought his fellowship to Utah. He instinctively knew this was where his flock should reside.

Visitor Center staff stated the best way to see the Park was to ride the tram around the entire Park, then get off and explore. Great advice.

Kids love this train and the jokes of the female guide.

One of the many cabins on the property.

Some of the industries of the town.

The Pharmacy

Other Resources in the Community

Early Mormon Church

There also is a farm with livestock in the Park, a playground, and much for children to enjoy. Make sure to try the donuts.

The Mormon trek across the plains was filled with hazards. The statute depiction is moving and a visit to this portion of the Park enlightening.

Taking the wagons across many of the waterways.

Offering thanksgiving for arrival

And for the children who did not make it, a special memorial.

Learned much history during this visit. You will as well.

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