4 Days In California – Disneyland Main Street

Started the 4 days with a super early flight out of Salt Lake City. From there went directly to Disneyland after renting a car. As this was Labor Day weekend Disney was swamped with tourist and the weather hovered at 100 degrees.

LA from the plane window

Unlike Disney World in Florida with acres of parking lots, Disneyland has a parking garage. Cost $25.

I parked in the Minnie area and whenever parking in a large garage or lot I always take pictures of the signs near the parking spot as well as a picture of the car with the license plate. This helps after a long day when your memory falters. Taking pictures of the license plate also avoids attempting to get in the wrong car.

While I investigated much of Disneyland prior to the trip found reservations were needed once there. A young security guard navigated me through the Disney site for reservations. Thankfully there was an opening so I could visit. WHEW! After flying out with Disneyland as my major destination can you imagine if I didn’t get in??? What a disappointment that would have been. While the security guard also downloaded the AP for me I was unable to understand how to use it so hopefully if you bring children they will know. From the parking garage to the main gate is a very long walk, wear comfortable shoes, and bring an empty water bottle for refill as water at the park is $5. Visitors are allowed to bring food into Disneyland so do so. Prices are high, my ticket was $160. for the day, however it’s once in a lifetime.

Main Entrance

Disneyland was ablaze in decorations for Halloween.

Main Street – some sites not to miss with no waiting. Recommend catching them when leaving the Park, but be sure to stop. #1. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

#2. The Firehouse

#3. Cartoon theater with early Disney.

And the rest of Main Street…

The Castle is at the end of Main Street. How beautiful.

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