Disneyland – The Shows and Rides

Began my visit at The Enchanted Tiki Room as Jose is always an interesting host, there were no lines, and the Room air conditioned.

What more could a girl ask for.

Jose, the Master of Ceremony

The Finale..

Next to this event was The Jungle River Cruise Ride but with screaming children, and a 45 minute wait I nixed this for later in the night. What I don’t understand is why the boats aren’t loaded to capacity, or even more why Disney hasn’t figured a different way to handle the crowds, and shorten the lines…..

New Orleans recreated with creole bands dancing through the area at various times. What fun…

And get a fortune from the pirate – makes no sense but a laugh, and the best bargain at Disneyland…

Next on the agenda – a train ride around the Park. No wait, got to sit a bit, and assessed the crowds of many other events yet unseen. Good way to take a break, enjoy, and better plan your visit.

Train in front of It’s A Small World

The Mark Twain of Disneyland is authentic to the “last detail.” It is a paddle wheel steam boat which travels around Mark Twain’s Island. The Riverboat is 28 feet high, weighs 123 tons, and has 80 horsepower. No lines, a nice breeze, and friendly staff add to this attraction.

Views of the Indian Village from the Mark Twain

On to It’s A Small World

Surprisingly, this event also had short lines, and gave time to enjoy a Disney Princess. Throughout the Park little girls are dressed in Princess finery. And as an added bonus they maintain Princess decorum.

It’s A Small World – always leaves a smile on your face, and a song in your heart..

Stopped at the carousel after this. What beautiful horses..

And for Star War Fans…

This immense area has much to offer. There is also a ride, however, need to dash there as soon as the Park gates open to ensure a space. While not a Star Wars fan, I even enjoyed this venue.

Perhaps the most exquisite ride was The Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, camera demise occurred and no pics, only memories. It is much different from Disney World. If possible get reservations for the Blue Bayou Restaurant which is adjacent to the ride. It is sublime.

And now for the grand finale….. drum roll please….. The Haunted House. Lines for this ride were long, but worth it. Around the time when folks are obtaining the best view for evening fireworks the lines lessen. Only a half hour line at this time. I took advantage and was able to see the Haunted House, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Jungle Cruise, however, need to scurry.

And Night time..

The Haunted House had a combination Christmas/Halloween theme. It is a must see.

Next: Across the street … Disney’s California Adventure

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