President Nixon’s Accomplishments

The library is beautiful with rose gardens and awe inspiring grounds and fountains.

Much has been said and written about President Nixon. The Library provides information on his life and presidency in an open and truthful fashion. Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Served in the Navy in the South Pacific in WWII in 1942
  • Elected to congress in 1946 and 1948
  • Elected to the US Senate in 1950
  • Was President Eisenhower’s Vice President in 1952 and 1956
  • Lost the Presidential election to JFK in 1960 by 113,000 votes
  • Won the Presidency in 1968 against Hubert Humphrey
  • Re-elected in 1972 by a landslide against George McGovern
  • Ended the War in Viet Nam
  • In 1969 created the Office for Minorities to increase businesses nationwide
  • Began the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970
  • Extended voting rights in 1970 by eliminating voter literacy requirement
  • Welcomed home Apollo astronauts from moon walk
  • Launched war on cancer in 1971 creating National Cancer Centers
  • Signed Title IX in 1972 eliminating gender bias in colleges and universities receiving federal aid.
  • Journeyed to China in 1972 to normalize relations
Replica of the White House Oval Office during President Nixon’s tenure.

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