Day 1: Palermo, Sicily

Arrived at Palermo Airport to a sunny day. The Airport provided easy access for departing passengers with good signage and staff ready to assist.

The tour guide whisked me off to Rapid Screen Testing..

Once found to be negative I was on my way to the hotel. Didn’t realize how mountainous Sicily was. Upon arrival at the hotel reacquainted myself with the European hotel ways.

  • First floor is zero, second floor is 1..
  • The hotel key card is placed in the slot by the door to obtain electricity
  • European and American voltage differs had to get out the converters
  • To flush the toilet push the large button over the toilet

Upon completion of these tasks set out to explore the City. Palermo had much retail but found H &M of particular interest. Much of their shirts had American state names on them.

Above the retail shops were apartments whose patios were adorned with plants and flowers.

More apartment buildings..

Many interesting side streets with artisans, vendors, and shoppes which were not to be missed.

And while stopping by an open church came across this wedding..

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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